Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Bone Reader Publishes Four Of greg C's Photos In Their "The Devil's Dozen-Top Drummers Of Metal" Feature

Porn by greg C photography™
Porn, a photo by greg C photography™ on Flickr.
The Bone Reader has published four of greg C's photos in their "The Devil's Dozen-Top Drummers Of Metal" feature. Photos of Dale Crover (photo above) of Melvins, Nirvana and Porn (placing at the number 1 spot!), Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains (number 9), Rob Shaffer of Dark Castle (honorable mention, number 13) and Keko of Weedeater (honorable mention, number 20) all appear in this feature.

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The Devil's Dozen-Top Drummers Of Metal On The Bone Reader

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