Monday, August 9, 2010

greg C Photos To Appear In Limited Edition Set By Nadja/Aidan Baker

Beta-lactam Ring Records will be releasing the White Nights/Drone Fields/DOM 2xDVD + 2xCD set by Nadja / Aidan Baker on August 27th.  The first edition of 200 numbered and signed copies will come with 2xDVD, including 5.1 audio mixes, plus an original live photo of Nadja by greg C photography and two bonus CD's, “DOM”, presented in a gatefold CD case and all packaged in a deluxe book bound slipcase. (Note: a standard 2xDVD edition will be issued September 24, 2010 (unnumbered, unsigned and no bonus CDs or photo).  A total of ten photos of Nadja, taken at NYC's Fontana's on Halloween of 2008, are being used for this set and each package will get one of the ten shots (sample above).

To buy, or see further information, click here>
Nadja/Aidan Baker-White Nights/Drone Fields/DOM

To see a trailer of the DVD click here>
White Nights/Drone Fields Trailer

To see the remainder of the shots from Fontana's, click here>
Nadja At Fontana's On Flickr
or here>
Nadja At Fontana's On Myspace
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